Bango Vasil celebrated students in Borovo and Ruse
The Roma New Year was celebrated with the rebuilding of traditions and customs of students at the "St. Kliment Ohridski" Primary School, Borovo (12.01.2018) and" Nikola Obretenov "Primary School, Ruse (15.01.2018). Children dressed in traditional Roma  costumes with a great mood and desire recreated the most typical rituals on the occasion of compliments family holiday Vassilitsa supported by educational mediators in both schools.
Guests - students, teachers, representatives of the Municipality of Ruse, parents had the opportunity to see traditional Roma rites Vassilitsa, to hear Roma  survakari speeches as well as  songs on the occasion of Roma New Year and dramatization of the legend of Bango Vasil, who saved the Roma people.
The feast did not go without the typical table meals, survaknitsi, the cake, the gathering of the family around the hearth. To forget about the difficulties and the problems, the Roma gather together with family, relatives and friends to enjoy the occasion. Vasilitsa brings the hope that something better will happen. Roma borrowed rituals, traditions and beliefs of the people among whom they live, that's why they celebrate the New Year in the old style, and we effortlessly we can see how similar our holidays.
The events were part of the practical training of the educational mediators within the project of the Municipality of Ruse under the ZOV Program, carried out by the experts of Association BRTMI.