International Mother Language Day was celebrated at our partner kindergartens in Ruse
On February 21 we celebrate the International Mother Language Day. The festival is dedicated to preserving linguistic and cultural diversity around the world. Languages ​​are the most powerful tool for preserving and developing the material and intangible heritage. According to UNESCO, around 6,000 languages ​​are currently spoken around the world, half of whom are threatened with extinction.
On the occasion of the holiday, yesterday and today, the children of the kindergartens "Chervenata shapchica", "Pinocchio" and "Ralitsa", Ruse, attending in groups for additional Bulgarian language education, demonstrated what they know about their native language and learned how important it is, how to value and protect it, why we need to keep the native speech.
The events were part of the activity "Promoting the integration process through creativity, joint cognitive activities and manifestations for preserving the cultural identity of children from different ethnic groups" under project BG05M2OP001-3.001-0028 "Early socialization through successful educational integration" with Beneficiary " Romanian Cross-Border Mediation Institute ", in which the three kindergartens are partners.
The International Mother Language Day has been celebrated for the second consecutive year in our project, and educators are working to promote the multilingualism and cultural diversity of their students.