Our Volunteers - We would like to introduce you Sinem Reshad
Sinem Reshad or just Sissy, as we all call her, is a volunteer at BRTMI. She is one of the most active young people with whom our organization works. To motivate new volunteers and to share with more people what she think of her work as a volunteer, we decided to ask her a few questions and we are very grateful for the open answers. We hope this interview will show her positive and committed attitude to volunteering and her desire to participate in all our initiatives aimed at young people.
Sissy, please present yourself in a few words.
Hello. I am Sinem Reshad and I am a graduate of Japanese language class at SOU "Vasil Levski", Ruse. I have been a volunteer at Association BRTMI for about 4 years. Besides, I work as an animator, and as a whole I'm a ... motly person.
How did you choose BRTMI? What made you to join the organization's volunteers?
I was interested, frankly, out of boredom. In high school I did not participate in extra-curricular activities. When I met the organization and realized that I could be part of the team and help, it sounds perfect to me. Now that I'm back in time, I realize that my decision has helped in my personal life, for which credits are for my friends from BRTMI team.
How do you feel like a volunteer? What you do brings a satisfaction to you?
Definitely. I've had a lot of experience with these people. We have been through hard working days that have led to great success, as well as nice and pleasant memories through excursions and travels, which made us not only a good team but close friends that I will remember for a long time.
For two consecutive years you have been nominated for a Volunteer of the Year of Association BRTMI. Do you think your volunteer work helps you in school and in life?
Thank you very much! Yes. I imagined that if the little Sinem had seen me in that light as a volunteer, she would feel proud. Before I was slightly affected by puberty, unorthodox and chaotic. Every Saturday, when I attended BRTIM's office, I felt I instinctively embraced a new form and became better. My ratings were not always excellent, but they always covered my standard, which was more important. My ego was adjusting, and now I am proud, and still I am passionate. On the other hand, the fact that I am in favor of someone or the activities I do are appreciated have made me feel complete. When I realize that someone in need has benefited from our support, no matter how: with information, financially or through conversation, is a very important sign for me. Being humans should be our priority. Well ... the only thing that has not changed is that I'm still so chaotic.
What do you rate highest from your volunteer work? Tell us about your brightest memories of a particular event.
I highly appreciate the friendly attitude that my colleagues from the team of the Association BRTMI surround me. They always treat me and the other volunteers with patience and attention. They trained us to cope with difficulties and motivated us to be better people, and our work felt more like entertainment. For me, this is the most important thing. For memories, on the other hand, I can talk all day. I loved drawing posters for annual campaigns to combat human trafficking. These campaigns reached many children and showed them that such a difficult subject could be understood in a more unusual and informative way. We made trivia like Christmas decorations or small martenitsas that we sold for charity. I liked the excursions and travels we made. We were in Romania, we travel in places near Ruse and we just looked and had fun as children. But the most vivid remembrance left me the lecture in Plenary Hall of Ruse Municipality. We were then gathered to show the results of our campaign, and for me it was proof that our affairs are reflected not only in figures and graphs but in real people and destinies. Of course, such moments are yet to come.
What do you think would motivate more young people to do good things of goodwill?
Young people are like water, we take all forms. We are influencing our authorities / images and changing our value system. Today, intellect, humanity, interference, and, naturally, rebellion prevail over us. In order to do good deeds, it is not necessary to be professional or official. Motivation for whatever comes in a different way and at different times which is normal. But I personally want to challenge every young and old who wants to help to be part of a group of people who are enthusiastic and energetic. I'm sure BRTMI will help you and make a big LEVEL UP in your life. I have tried and now I have 10 times more knowledge and experience. Not everything is learned at school, right?