The Children of Ruse Sing and Dance Festival Fill the Plenary Hall of Ruse Municipality Today
More than 250 children from kindergartens in Ruse, many guests, parents and relatives were part of the Festival "Children of Ruse sing and dance" held today. The Plenary Hall of the Municipality of Ruse was close to accommodating those wishing to attend the event with which the organizers and children celebrated the International Day of Tolerance.
The event was part of the BG05M2OP001-3.001-0028 "Early Socialization through Successful Educational Integration" project, funded by  OP NOIR 2014-2020 with Beneficiary Association "Bulgarian-Romanian Trans-border Mediation Institute".
The program with interesting and entertaining stage appearances included children from the 4 partner kindergartens. Special guests were children from 6 other kindergartens in Ruse, who also participated in an integration project of Ruse Municipality. Children and adults together were part of a great lesson of tolerance, friendship and kindness, represented through songs, dances, dramatics and a very good mood.
More than an hour and a half had passed, and the performances of the young artists were appalled by the audience.
For the good mood contributed also by the actor Ilia Devedzhiev from the Kamila Children's Theater and the dancers from the Flamingo dance school, who are friends and partners of the organizers.
We thank everyone who was part of today's celebration!