The Fifth Information Campaign on the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings has been completed
In the period October - December 2017, the fifth information campaign on prevention of trafficking in human beings was carried out - part of the activities of Association BRTMI within the framework of the Ruse Municipality project financed by the ZOV Program.
The campaign "Open your eyes ... Give A Hand" was held in cooperation with the Local Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in Ruse and was aimed at raising awareness and creating intolerance to the crime of trafficking in human beings, known as "modern slavery". The target group of the campaign was again 6th, 7th and 8th grade students in 5 schools and local community representatives focusing on youths from "Druzhba" 2 (Selemeta) neighborhood, Ruse and the settlements in Borovo and Ivanovo municipalities.
The campaign was opened with a public event on the occasion of the European Day for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings - October 18, held in the yard of Vasil Levski High School, Ruse and continued with a variety of activities. Part of the campaign was thematic discussion workshops with students in class; production and distribution of interesting information materials; movie screenings followed by a discussion; weekly publication of short facts about trafficking in human beings in the "Do you Know ..." section in social media, a box for sharing children's views on trafficking in human beings; preparation and presenting of art installations; engaging pupils and young people in various interesting activities at school and in the community that have increased their sensitivity to the campaign theme; comic book and card contest  "Open your eyes ... Give a hand".
The end of the campaign was marked by awarding to the participants in the comic and postcard competition, as well as by the arrangement of the art installations in Ruse, Borovo and Ivanovo.
We thank the BRTMI volunteers, who once again supported us, as well as all those involved in providing assistance in conducting and participating in our events.