The Report From the Study of Parents and Teachers on the Role of Educational Integration is ready
Within the project BG05M2OP001-3.001-0028 "Early Socialization through Successful Educational Integration", funded by the OP NOIR 2014-2020, a consultation was conducted (interviewing) with parents of children, trained and educated in partner schools as well as with pedagogical specialists on issues of educational integration. In the period August - September 2017, a team of volunteers from BRTMI conducted a representative survey to raise awareness of pre-school teachers and the parents of ethnic minority children about the early socialization of adolescents and their integration into society through the prism of education.
On the basis of the results obtained, the expert-statistician employed in the project, Assoc. Prof. Todor Todorov, presented a report "The Role of Educational Integration for Active Social Inclusion of Disadvantaged Children with Special Focus on the Roma and the Those Searching or Received International Protection".
The results of the survey have undoubtedly demonstrated the leading role of education with a focus on pre-primary education for the construction of the young generation of ethnic minorities as full citizens. The results of the survey characterize the condition of pre-school education among the children from the minority groups in the two municipalities - Ruse and Vetovo and the attitude towards them by the teachers and the parents. Both are equally convinced of the need for pre-school education and are concerned with the problems that accompany it.