There is a consultation of parents and teachers on issues of educational integration

In the framework of project BG05M2OP001-3.001-0028 "Early Socialization through Successful Educational Integration", funded by the OP SEIG 2014-2020, a consultation is held with parents of children, trained and educated in partner schools and kindergartens, as well as with pedagogical specialists on the issues of educational integration.

The consultation is done through the poll method, by filling out a questionnaire. Volunteers of Association BRTMI disseminate the survey in the partner educational institutions in Ruse Municipality and Vetovo Municipality and assist the parents in completing it. The interview process will continue until the middle of September, after which the results will be summarized.

The questionnaire, developed in two versions by an expert statistician, contains a number of topical issues related to the early socialization and educational integration of children in kindergartens. This educational stage is considered to be particularly important with the focus on the preparation of future students and their successful realization in an educational environment.

The Beneficiary considers the opinions of educators and parents whose children are educated in the kindergarten to be extremely important and the expert-statistician employed in the project will prepare a report based on the results of the submitted surveys. The report will be presented to the public and interested experts to form a true opinion and beneficial policies.