We opened the new school year together with our partners from the kindergarten "Little Red Riding Hood"

On the 15th of September, we were guests and experienced the joyful emotions associated with the opening of the new school year, together with the children, parents and pedagogical team of the "Little Red Riding Hood" Kindergarten, Ruse. In the courtyard of of the kindergarten with thematic program and raising the flag children welcomed their companions from the first groups.

Songs, poems, and dances charged children and guests with a lot of positive mood. With a bell ringing, gifts and a bunch of geraniums, the Director of the kindergarten - Mrs. Temenujka Todorova welcomed the kids and wished them a lot of health and good luck.

During the new school year the participation of the children from the"Little Red Riding Hood" Kindergarten in the project BG05M2OP001-3.001-0028 "Early Socialization through Successful Educational Integration" continued in the Bulgarian language groups and the creative workshops. There are many other interesting happenings to visit - cinema, puppet theater and museum, festivals, exhibitions, competitions and sports celebrations to contribute to the educational integration and inclusion of all children in the kindergarten, regardless of their ethnicity, mother language, traditions.

The project team was among the guests of the festive opening of the school year. Wishes to children and pedagogues were sent with greeting address.