The Sixth Information Campaign on the Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings has been completed
A wide variety of activities for students, young people and representatives of local communities offered the information campaign on the prevention of trafficking in human beings "For the Truth without Fear", conducted by experts of BRTMI in the period March - June 2018. With that campaign was finalized the round of six information campaigns on the topic, implemented within three years of the Ruse Municipality project, funded by the ZOV Program.
With organized events in four schools (Vasil Levski High School and Aleko Konstantinov Primary School, Ruse, St. Kliment Ohridski United School, Borovo and P.R. Slaveykov Primary School, Obretenik village ) and the fieldwork in Druzhba, Ruse and the settlements of Borovo Municipality, we reached hundreds of students and youth, spread the messages of the campaign in the social networks and the media, activated the local communities.
Every opportunity to attract the adolescent interest in the serious topic of trafficking prevention has been used. Within the campaign, volunteer students were trained and 2 volunteer clubs were formed to support the implementation of the initiatives. Materials and posters were produced to illustrate the events. 11 workshops per class hour were conducted with more than 200 students; Sports Day at Vasil Levski High School - "Together in Sport, Together Against Human Trafficking"; an initiative on the Earth Day to clean the yards surrounding schools under the motto "Protecting the Nature  Protecting the People"; planting a garden as a sign of sympathy for victims of trafficking "New Start"; biking in Borovo on June 1 with the participation of 35 children and students under the motto "Stop! Protect children"; a lecture with students attended by a representative from the Police Department in the village of Obretenik; drawings on asphalt for the students of "Vasil Levski" High School entitled "Childhood without fear"; outdoor campaigns for the dissemination of information materials, etc.
The team of Association BRTMI has expressed its gratitude to all those who supported us and actively participated in the information campaign "For the Truth without Fear". Four months of hard work is already behind us, and for us remains the satisfaction that we have not labored in vain, as well as the wonderful memories of the events held!