The Association BRTMI was founded in June 2009 as a non-profit association working for public benefit. BRTMI is registered with the Ministry of Justice Public Register of NGO under the number of 20090810002.

Our vision:

To contribute equal access to quality education and early socialization for all children and young people. To support the implementation of a sustainable development model at all levels and a prosperous economy that stimulates youth employment and decent pay. To work for the harmonious together living of all ethnic communities and social groups. 

Our Mission:


To bring people and communities closer together and encourage them through cross-border cooperation on socially significant issues to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.

Our strategic goals:

  • Promoting conflict prevention through mediation and alternative conflict resolution;
  • Educational and social integration of vulnerable communities and groups;
  • Promoting youth employment;
  • Institutional strengthening of the organization.

We have established and manage a Community Support Centre for Children, a Center for Work with Children on the Street, a Center for Restorative Justice for Children and a Center for Assessment of Potential Opportunities.

Our team is composed of highly qualified, experienced and motivated experts. Our activities are supported by the enthusiasm of our wonderful volunteers - students from the best Ruse schools and youths.