More than 500 Individual Consultations to Parents Have Been Given by Our Experts From the Beginning of the Year
Within the framework of the Ruse Municipality project, funded under the ZOV Program (Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Program), Association BRTMI has implemented for the third year a very important activity, related to motivation of parents of Roma children and those living in similar situation to their a situation to keep their children in the education system, raising parental capacity and improving family dialogue with the school. The service includes individual and group counseling for parents, children and teachers and is carried out by experts of Association BRTMI in the so-called mobile reception-room in the following schools participating in the project:
Nikola Obretenov Primary School, Ruse;
Aleko Konstantinov Primary School, Ruse;
Angel Kanchev Primary School, Ruse;
Bratya Miladinovi Primary School, Ruse;
St. St. Cyril and Methodius Primary School, Senovo;
Vasil Levski High School, Vetovo;
St. Kl. Ohridski Untied School, Borovo;
P. R. Slaveykov Primary School, village of Obretenik, Borovo;
Nikola Vaptsarov Primary School - Ivanovo village, Ivanovo.
A psychologist, parent counseling expert, and social pedagogue provided consultations  in the mobile reception room. The work of the experts is coordinated by an expert monitoring and assistance in carrying out the activity, which prepares monthly timetables, allocates the commitments, monitors the activity and makes feedback to the school management.
Consultations ware provided due monthly schedule and upon request by the school.  An opportunity is given to the willing parents to use the services in the reception room and to be consulted at the office of Association BRTMI upon prior request. Parents, teachers and children themselves declare their willingness to be consulted or are directed by school management, educational mediators, teachers, or social workers from Child Protection Service.
For the period from January 2018 to the present, the experts working in the activity have provided more than 500 individual consultations and have conducted 8 group sessions on different topics. Unlike the previous two years, in the school year 2017/2018, the desire of the children, teachers and parents to be consulted on questions of their own is clearly expressed. They are looking for a contact with the professionals themselves and visit the reception room several times to solve their problem or to refer them to other specialists and institutions.